ImageBOB e-Academy is built based on IQUAD Skills4Success Knowledge Portal; the e-Academy Portal has been implemented to train 600 employees on specific behavioral skills as well as a customized Anti Money Laundering online course developed specifically for Bank of Beirut.

“IQUAD Learning Solutions helps its clients maximize the return on investment in learning and development. We succeeded to achieve utilization targets that have been set back in January 2013”, said Mr. Fady Abdul Khalek, Managing Director of IQUAD Learning Solutions.

“Bank of Beirut e-Academy is the online delivery portal of the B Academy at Bank of Beirut. In today’s Knowledge economy, utilizing technology in learning and development is very important for any organization to increase its return on investment and in building employees’ skills and competencies. Our objective at bank of Beirut in addition to workshops and classroom training is to provide our employees with flexible learning medium to enforce the lifelong learning strategy”, said Mr. Samer Haddad, Head of Learning at Bank of Beirut.

Mr. Dany Nassar, Head of Compliance added: “We have introduced Anti-Money Laundering online course as a mandatory course for all bank employees to ensure all employees are very well trained on how to fight money laundering.”

“IQUAD Learning Solutions is committed to work closely with Bank of Beirut to implement the four stages of the QUAD Learning Model, a model that will help organizations guarantee elearning success and ensure high return on investment in learning technology”, added Mr. Abdul Khalek.

About Bank of Beirut

Bank of Beirut was incorporated as a commercial bank on August 19, 1963, under the name of “Realty Business Bank S.A.L”. The Bank adopted its current name in 1970.

Today, Bank of Beirut is one of Lebanon’s leading commercial banks offering an extensive range of wholesale and retail banking services. The Bank has positioned itself in the local market as the provider of efficient banking services and competitive products, targeting mainly affluent individuals and SMEs, selective sizeable capital investment projects and local “prime” corporations.

The Bank operates in Lebanon through its network of 59 branches, 58 on-site ATMs and 16 off-site ATMs installed either at customers’ premises or in strategic non-bank locations such as commercial centers.

On the international level, the Bank provides commercial banking services in the United Kingdom and across Europe, through our wholly owned subsidiary, Bank of Beirut (U.K.) Ltd, regulated by the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”). The Bank also operates a branch in Germany (Frankfurt), a branch in Cyprus (Limassol) regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus; 3 branches in the Sultanate of Oman (Muscat, Ghubra and Sohar) regulated by the Central Bank of Oman; a representative office in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) to service the Gulf region; a representative office in Nigeria (Lagos); a representative office in Iraq (Baghdad), and a subsidiary in Australia, Beirut Hellenic Bank Ltd., with a network of 16 branches located in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (“APRA”).

About IQUAD Learning Solutions

IQUAD learning Solution operates in the Middle East region and supports its clients in Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.   The company partners with international e-learning vendors to offer customized learning solutions to organizations in the Arab region.  More information is available at