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Digital learning in its most general sense has all but replaced classroom training, as employees and students alike are now accessing learning from home. If remote working or studying is here to stay, digital learning will become a bigger and more critical part of the corporate and educational digital learning offer.

Early lessons from these turbulent times indicate that this crisis is further driving digital transformation, and this has become at the core of any business continuity.

In order to be ready for what comes next, L&D and instructors will have to adapt to new realities, including acquisition of relevant digital learning capabilities like blended design skills and data-analytics, ensuring engagement, transfer of knowledge and impact, and this will require more than just publishing slide decks, creating webinars or offering e-learning courses.

In addition, performance consulting skills and a solid learning governance can help ensure the necessary alignment with business stakeholders and their priorities, to ensure a truly value-added result. Considering the time-pressures to change, finding the right learning partner can help to efficiently offer engaging, impactful learning experiences. With 20+ years of experience in the digital learning, IQUAD Learning Solutions is ready to assist you in this transformation.

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