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Leveraging 20 years of experience in digital learning, CrossKnowledge is a leading learning solutions provider committed to delivering high impact learning solutions that drive (soft) skills acquisition. CrossKnowledge partners with large corporations to provide digital learning solutions that enable the success of individuals, teams and organizations through skills acquisition and deliver Integrated Learning Experiences to help the workforce acquire the skills they need to succeed. Proud to be part of and have full support from Wiley, a US-based company and one of the most prestigious publishers in the world. Wiley has played an important role in spreading knowledge around the globe. With more than 200 years of history, Wiley has unveiled more than 500 Nobel Prize winners in different areas such as literature, medicine, economics, chemistry and physics.


SONIC Performance Support was established after spending over 25 years in the Instructor Led Training business. They use state-of-the-art technologies with their products, solutions and services to ensure knowledge transfer at the highest level. Their main products are short video-lessons that can be used in two different scenarios: for structural learning – compiled into complete courses – also for spontaneous learning (“Workplace Learning”), in the moment of need (“Performance Support”). With the Instant Learning Server ™, SONIC offer a learning solution with thousands of short Microsoft Office Training videos that are used by many companies and institutions.


Dedicated to transform education, Voxy is a web-based English eLearning company providing institutions with an adaptive, dynamic curriculum and personalized instruction. Voxy has three million users in more than 20 countries, and has been rated the #1 education app in 23 countries. It is a team of linguists, scientists, developers, designers, teachers and communication experts that believes there is a better way to learn a new language.

Najah Train
Online Training courses in Arabic

Here’s The Quick, Efficient & Cost-Effective Way To Professionally Train Your Employees & Gain A Bigger ROI!

When it comes to professional and goal-oriented employee training and development, Najah Train is here to offer your organization an innovative, engaging alternative that will help:

-Increase Your ROI
-Provide Superior-Quality Content
-Minimize Training Time
-Maximize Knowledge & Expertise


KESDEE is the world’s largest financial e-Learning company.
KESDEE’s e-learning catalog consists of 750 accredited e-Learning courses on various topics in the following areas:
• Banking
• Finance
• Accounting
• Risk Management
• Insurance
• Financial Planning/Wealth Management
KESDEE’s e-learning solutions are relevant for the providers of financial services, as well as for users, regulators and advisors of financial services. KESDEE’s e-learning courses are relevant for educational institutions in their certificate/ diploma/ degree programs.

Aviation Elearning

Aviation eLearning is your innovative partner in creating e-training for the aviation industry.
Aviation eLearning is the company behind V360E. V360E is a complete solution for companies that want to create interactive training modules and provide their employees with engaging visual learning experience. AeL team consists of programming, multimedia and aviation professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the aviation industry who have been cooperating with flight schools, TRTO/ATO and airline training departments.

Modular Robotic

Modular Robotics is home to humans who design, engineer, and test tiny robots. They work to build robot construction systems for kids because they believe that toys shape the way children think about the world. Their goal is to create remarkably fun play experiences that impart intuitive understanding of complex systems and design thinking.
Cubelets are the only toy that uses Tactile Coding to help builders of nearly any age explore robotics, coding, and more. Uniquely designed, they are little bundles of software inside little bundles of hardware. As you build a robot, you learn to build a program. It’s a fun and fascinating way to introduce big ideas through play.
Thousands of educators rely on Cubelets to enhance lessons of all kinds to students of all ages. They’re the perfect tool for inspiring inquiry into STEM, computational thinking, coding, and more.