LearningE-learning may be defined as the delivery of instructional content through the use of ‎electronic ‎technology, which may include compact disks (CDs), computer based training (CBT), or web ‎based ‎applications. ‎

Simply, the definition of e-learning is training delivered via digital technology in order to ‎help us learn. The main objective is to help people ‎do their jobs better, improve performance and ultimately drive ‎towards achieving common business ‎goals. It’s also used in education, to provide student a flexible learning experience, in governments to cater to the high number of civil servants and by NGOs to implement cost effective social initiatives.‎

At IQUAD we believe , Although the “e” in the term e-learning though originally coined to denote the “electronic” aspect, is ‎synonymously ‎being used as e for engagement; e for ease of use, e for empowerment and e for ‎enhancement. The fact ‎remains that the e-learning concept is inclusive of various learning procedures ‎that are enhanced by ‎technology. E-learning solves the problem of time and financial constraints by ‎offering a convenient and ‎manageable way of conveying education. Our solutions are designed to ‎address the needs of corporates, ‎governments, Education and NGOs..‎