1X5A3189First National Bank received IQUAD Startup of the Year Award at the TALENT 2015 – CrossKnowledge Academy Conference that was held in Paris.

“First National Bank has been selected for this award due to the high adoption rate in its first year of launching an e-learning solution to its employees; as per the Quad e-Learning Model the bank scored 30% adoption rate higher than the average rate in the Initiation Stage”, said Fady Abdul Khalek – Managing Director of IQUAD Learning Solutions.

“We have introduced e-learning by utilizing an FNB branded instance of the Skills4Success Learning Portal to all our employees. The positive feedback from our employees was collected through an online survey which in turn led to renew our partnership with IQUAD Learning Solutions for the coming three years. A plan is in place to create a new learning culture among our employees, a Culture of lifelong learning. Such a culture will be introducing the informal vs formal learning approach.” said Mr. Nabil Semaan – Chief Administration Officer at FNB.

“We have scored above average in the first year adoption for the majority of our employees are “Generation Y”. We are proud to receive the IQUAD – Startup of the Year Award; this award will place FNB among the leading organizations in the region to utilize technology effectively within the learning process.” Added Mr. Semaan.

“A three year implementation plan has been prepared for FNB to introduce different learning modalities targeting organizational, departmental, and personal development skills. In addition to that, the plan targets employees through different modalities such as Community Learning and Blended Learning”, added Mr. Abdul Khalek.

About FNB

First National Bank S.A.L. (list of banks no. 108; C.R. 67480) is a full-service banking institution with a nationwide network of 26 branches throughout Lebanon. FNB conducts commercial, retail, finance, and investment banking activities in the Middle East. FNB provides a wide variety of products and services for institutes and individuals in the region.  The bank’s headquarters is located in the heart of Beirut’s central district.

FNB’s principle strategic objective is to deliver quality financial products and services to targeted segments of the Lebanese population. Accordingly, the bank has worked to acquire advanced banking technology and a highly qualified and motivated workforce.


IQUAD Learning Solutions is a regional organization operating in the Middle East region. With local offices in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, IQUAD operates in Kuwait, IRAQ and United Arab Emirates through local Partners.  Since 2012, more than 15,000 learners are currently utilizing the Skills4Success Learning Platform.