IQUAD Learning Solutions, a leading learning solutions organization in the Middle East Region has been recognized by CrossKnowledge as PARTNER of the Year 2016. “As a result of the remarkable growth in helping clients utilizing learning technologies as well as the huge contribution to CrossKnowledge Channel, IQUAD is awarded the Partner of the Year award” said Alexandre Giry-Deloison, Channel Sales Manager – APAC & EMEA.

“IQUAD Learning Solutions’ unique value proposition led the company to help many clients in Lebanon, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia benefit from our core technologies and e-learning content. IQUAD team has 15 years of experience in implementing e-learning solutions in the Middle East; this region is strategic for CrossKnowledge and we are confident that we have selected the right partner that will help us develop our business in such a tough region.” added Alexandre Giry-Deloison, Channel Sales Manager – APAC & EMEA.

IQUAD Learning Solutions has developed an implementation model that ensures the success of any implemented e-learning solution. The model has been tailored to fit the Middle East culture.

“CrossKnowledge Technologies and Content are at the core of our value proposition. Thanks to the integration hub solution from CrossKnowledge, we are able to offer different online learning libraries to fit our clients’ needs.” Said Fady Abdul Khalek – Managing Director of IQUAD Learning Solutions.

We have been working with different international e-learning providers since 1998. We have introduced CrossKnowledge to the Middle East region in 2010. The innovative solutions from CrossKnowledge have inspired our team to design unique offerings that differentiated us from other library selling e-learning providers operating in the region.” added Fady Abdul Khalek.

About IQUAD Learning Solutions

IQUAD Learning Solutions is a leading and fast growing technology-enabled learning integrator in the Middle East region, headquartered in Lebanon with clients in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. IQUAD learning Solutions is the regional strategic alliance partner of CrossKnowledge in the Middle East and the GCC region.

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About CrossKnowledge

With more than 7 million users, CrossKnowledge is a global leader in digital learning solutions. CrossKnowledge enables organizations to successfully evolve by developing each individual.

CrossKnowledge offers integrated distance learning solutions which use exclusive learning formats, amongst the most sought after content in the world and a range of accompanying services, according to a company’s needs. These solutions guarantee a unique learning experience for the individual and a real return on investment for the organization.

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