Celebrating our Award Win with Commercial Bank of Kuwait at the Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards!

IQUAD Learning Solutions is proud to announce that our client, Commercial Bank of Kuwait, has recently received a Silver Award of Excellence by the Brandon Hall Group in the category of “Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation”.

Brandon Hall Group™ is a professional development company that offers data, research, insights, and certification to Learning and Talent executives and organizations. Their Human Capital Management Awards Program was the first to recognize organizations for excellency in L&D and is now widely perceived as a gold standard of achievement within the field.

Nowadays and in order to compete in today’s market and create a value brand; it is imperative to align the various strategies in order to achieve the stated vision.

Based on the latter and the successful implementation of that strategy, CBK in partnership with IQUAD Learning Solutions applied in March 2023 to the category Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation in the Learning and Development program which is for a written description of learning technology implementation that led to positive organizational outcomes.

The judges evaluated the entry on each of these criteria below.

CBK’s Learning & Development strategy has been recently initiated to cope with the changing business needs and to enhance/adjust the skills of its existing workforce.

More importantly, the main aim of the Human Resources Division is to create a Learning Organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge.

With the goal of creating and sustaining a learning culture that is both agile and adaptable, THABER was launched as a user-friendly e-learning platform based on CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, easily accessible by CBK employees through the website and their mobile using the My Learning App. Combined with the classroom programs, the strategy supports all aspects of continuous learning.

THABER gives the learners a convenient, personalized, engaging and time-efficient training experience through customized learning paths. Users have access to a rich library of training courses, modified to meet their needs and tailored to help them succeed in their respective roles.

With the ever-changing business needs and the dynamic profile of today’s learners, THABER continuously adapts to modern learning technologies and methods to ensure that the Bank’s workforce is up-to-date and ready to tackle current market challenges. The platform also allowed CBK to tackle socially responsible matters that would encourage diversity & inclusion.

Regular review and modification of the content and initiatives available on the platform and providing progress reports, especially on mandatory courses, allows Human Resources to position THABER as a tool that can help the business achieve its goals.

The platform contributed to the overall success of the organization as it allowed Human Resources to align individual development with organizational goals.

CBK’s estimated savings with designing their programs on THABER were approximately 75% compared to a traditional approach to training.

They have demonstrated a clear path to a stronger learning culture embedded within their workforce that can facilitate higher employee retention rates in future and a greater sense of self and confidence beyond training but with their ordinary work.

This is one of many successful projects and transformations that CBK has undertaken and has cemented their cooperation with IQUAD as their digital learning partner

About IQUAD Learning Solutions

With 20+ years of experience in the digital learning, IQUAD Learning Solutions has been helping organizations across industries in the Middle East Region rethink their Digital Learning Experiences and successfully lead their initiatives with confidence and increase their impact.

We aim to deliver high impact digital learning experiences by understanding each client’s needs & integrate technology, content & services to help them target their business objectives and acquire the skills they need to succeed.

Because we believe learning outcomes matter more than the type of platform you choose or the content you have, we provide you with various strategies to make the learner experience easy, hassle free, and of high impact. Your organization is unique, so should your learning strategy.

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About Commercial Bank of Kuwait

Commercial Bank of Kuwait is one of the largest financial institutions in Kuwait with a strong and growing corporate and retail banking franchise providing innovative financial and investment solutions to its ever growing customer base.

Established on 19th June 1960, Commercial Bank is the second oldest Bank in Kuwait. From retail banking to mega project finance, CBK is mobilizing its substantial capital base and decades of expertise to assume a cutting edge role in Kuwait economy. The Bank has emerged as a lead financier, arranging a flow of loans to diverse power, construction and notable infrastructure projects in Kuwait.

About Brandon Hall Group™

Brandon Hall Group is the only professional development company that offers data, research, insights, and certification to Learning and Talent executives and organizations. The best minds in Human Capital Management (HCM) choose Brandon Hall Group to help them create future-proof employee development plans for the new era.

For over 30 years, they have empowered, recognized, and certified excellence in organizations worldwide, influencing the development of over 10 million employees and executives. Their HCM Excellence Awards program was the first to recognize organizations for learning and talent and is the gold standard, known as the “Academy Awards of Human Capital Management.”

The awards recognize the best organizations that have successfully developed and deployed programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems, and tools that have achieved measurable results. They receive applications from organizations worldwide ranging from small, medium, large, and global enterprises to government, not-for-profits, and associations.


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