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The world’s 1st aggregator of K12 educational data

Beirut – Lebanon, 21st of September 2021.

IQUAD Learning Solutions (A Lebanese-based Company) and AffeqtEDU Technology Services (A Dubai-based Company) and after five years of research and development announced to join efforts to kick-off MASSARAT to operate from Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
(My Learning Pathways) will be developing a new platform that empowers students to own and understand their skills during their school education and help them plan to build a better future.

“With our recently patented technology, MASSARAT is the world’s 1st aggregator of K12 educational data”, said Bilal Shammout – CEO of AffeqtEDU Technology Services.

IQUAD Learning Solutions is a digital learning solutions provider serving more than 45,000 Employees and 13,000 Students across the Middle East. “MASSARAT will help thousands of students enhance their learning outcomes, plan their future and benchmark their knowledge against regional and global standards”, said Fady Abdul Khalek – Managing Director of IQUAD Learning Solutions.












“Our separate investments in Madrasatie Online and AffeqtEDU platforms over the past five years, has led to this strategic partnership. Both of our solutions are not only innovative but are perfectly complimenting one another. It is the perfect synergy between great minds, great passion and lots of hard work. We are very excited to launch the new platform during GESS 2021 – which will be held in Dubai – United Arab Emirates”, said Cerine Kattoura – Co-Founder IQUAD Learning Solutions.




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We’re excited to announce that our Roundtable Event is returning for its 8th edition in Lebanon!


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