10 May 2012

American Management Association, a world leader in professional development and performance-based learning solutions, has formed a strategic relationship with CrossKnowledge, the European leader in distance learning solutions, to offer CrossKnowledge’s on-demand, e-learning solutions in the United States.

A natural fit to provide the best in both distance- and classroom-based learning.

With an excellent reputation in classroom training, AMA sought a provider that could deliver high-quality distance learning solutions for its clients. CrossKnowledge, which shares a similar approach to skills development, was the obvious choice. Its expertise in designing and delivering distance learning solutions complements AMA’s classroom-based offering and empowers AMA to provide the best in both distance- and classroom-based learning.

High-quality technology content and services for great results

AMA will utilize CrossKnowledge’s complete e-learning offer, the CrossKnowledge Library, which includes over 15,000 learning contents in 15 languages for management, leadership, and soft skills. The premium content and format of the CrossKnowledge Library comes from its sources: an international faculty comprised of world-renowned authors, professors, and management professionals from top business schools such as The Wharton School, Harvard Business School, Columbia, HEC, and ESSEC.

CrossKnowledge technology integrates the best of Web 2.0 to offer e-learning programs accessible via both web and mobile devices, making them highly flexible. The range of available delivery methods enables social learning, blended learning, and learner assessments—essential for evaluating learning outcomes.

AMA and CrossKnowledge will support clients with a dedicated online community of users and learners. This will provide continuous training and support for deploying strategic competency development plans, implementing e-learning programs, and guaranteeing high connection rates.

Distance learning—an essential addition to the training portfolio

According to recent research*, companies in the U.S. expect to increase their training budgets over the next year. Yet even with additional funds, organizations increasingly look to new technologies that allow them to rollout cost-effective learning, thereby decreasing the cost per learner and increasing value per dollar spent.

However, America’s relationship with e-learning is somewhat mixed. Many organizations use this delivery method for their training programs, but not all are satisfied with the uptake or results.

The U.S. corporate learning market suffers from a poor connection rate and a poor satisfaction level with e-learning content. CrossKnowledge addresses these problems directly by providing the next generation of e-learning with high quality products used by more than 2.5 million learners,” says Mickaël Ohana, CEO of CrossKnowledge.

In addition to HR and training departments, operational departments have also turned to e-learning as the benefits become more widely recognized. Educational effectiveness, content quality, speed of implementation, and the ability to reach large numbers of people in different languages and different countries are just some of the advantages of e-learning.

Sandi Edwards, Senior Vice President at AMA added, “We recognized that in a Web 2.0 era we needed to expand our distance learning capabilities to complement our classroom trainings. CrossKnowledge’s programs ensure that learning can be consolidated, reviewed and refreshed beyond the classroom walls. This will strengthen learning application and implementation back on the job.”

CrossKnowledge’s distance learning solutions are already used by numerous global companies, as well as top business schools. The new strategic relationship between AMA and CrossKnowledge fits perfectly with the company’s corporate vision and will enable CrossKnowledge to reach more learners than ever before.

This is an exciting move for AMA, enabling it to provide top-notch management training via modern delivery methods and a crucial step for CrossKnowledge as it affirms its position as a global company.

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